Dominican Republic, San Jose de Ocoa

Immerse yourself in rural, Dominican culture while participating in grassroots community development projects

The NWC on Campus: We get it. You want to travel with incredible humans and have the experience of a lifetime, but you also want to make a difference. Now you can do both…at the same time.

Your Destination

The rural region of San Jose de Ocoa, located 3 hours from the capital city of Santo Domingo, allows you to be fully immersed in authentic Dominican culture from the moment you arrive until the moment you depart. While the Dominican Republic is well-known for its pristine beaches and resorts, very few have experienced the true country it its rawest form: the 120 breathtaking communities scattered around San Jose de Ocoa. The Ocoa region allows you to truly live like a Dominican, from the bachata, merengue and reggae on every street corner, the authentic Dominican cuisine, and the seemingly untouched natural landscapes, all the way to the kind and welcoming families in the communities – this is the real Dominican Republic that will leave you with a true understanding of Dominican culture, and a view of the country that you need to see to believe.

Your Experience

Simply travelling to the region of San Jose de Ocoa is making a difference. By living and working directly in the communities, you are providing economic development and employment to local farmers, cooks, community support staff, local shop owners and family-run businesses, and all of your food, resources and project materials are purchased locally to support local business. Whether you are purchasing sandwiches or popsicles from the travelling merchants, mountain horseback riding with a local farmer, or enjoying a mango and a cold drink from a Calmado, your trip is designed to contribute to local development every step of the way. Every time to San Jose de Ocoa with The NWC, you are employing an in-country Community Ambassador who resides in the community, who will support you and your group 24 hours per day. While in the community, you will work hand in hand with local contractors to repair and build homes for families who have been identified as the most in need, by the community itself, or take part in other community development initiatives as directed by the communities. The San Jose de Ocoa region is prone to extreme weather and flooding, and many of the decrepit houses built from tin and stick are insufficient and do not provide protection, safety and privacy for residents. Fresh water and aqueduct initiatives are a major priority, to provide clean water for agricultural development, basic sanitation and drinking. Whatever your project, you will leave a lasting impact in a partner community that is sure to be your “second home” for life. A portion of your trip cost supports future projects and initiatives by ADESJO, who supports community development initiatives in over 120 communities.

Your Impact

The NWC worked with Nuevo Renacer in 2013 to convert an existing structure into a guesthouse. This guesthouse will be your home for the duration of your trip, which means that simply travelling to Nuevo Renacer is making a difference. The daily guesthouse rate goes directly to development initiatives in the community, and by living and working directly in Nuevo Renacer, you are providing economic development and employment to local farmers, cooks, transportation providers, community support staff, local shop owners and family-run businesses. Every time you travel to the Community of Nuevo Renacer, you provide employment to an in-country Community Ambassador who resides in the community. Your sunset horseback ride on the beach is provided by a local, physically challenged gentleman who benefits greatly from your support. You and your group will work hand in hand with the community to build a home for a family in need. You will employ a local contractor and support staff who will work with you until the completion of the project, and all materials are sourced locally to support local businesses. On the last day of your project, you will hand your partner family the keys to a new home that, leaving a lasting impact for the family and the community.

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