Dominican Republic - The Community of Nuevo Renacer

Community development project: Live and work directly with the community of Nuevo Renacer to experience life in its most raw and real form.

The NWC on Campus: We get it. You want to travel with incredible humans and have the experience of a lifetime, but you also want to make a difference. Now you can do both…at the same time.

Your Destination

Nuevo Renacer is a small but growing community of approximately 1,000 families, nestled on the banks of Rio San Marcos, within a twenty minute drive from the resorts of Puerto Plata. Being hidden away from the eyes of beach-goers and resort-dwellers has not stopped the community from making its mark on the map. Foundacion de Funjaluz is a local, grassroots organization with representation from all corners of the community, and is dedicated to both short and long-term, sustainable solutions to their challenges. Climate change is heavily affecting the community of Nuevo Renacer, which is already prone to flooding during heavy rains, affecting many of the homes that provide inadequate shelter from extremities. Homes are often overwhelmed with water reaching as high as the top of beds, and are infested with mould due to the consistency of the floods. The NWC has partnered with the community to provide 9 families with new homes with raised flooring and stronger foundations to protect against the floods, and 7 families have benefited from repairs and raised floors in their existing homes. Nuevo Renacer is home to one of the Province’s largest Boys and Girls Club, which takes children off the street and provides them with tangible life skills, food and clothing. Nuevo Renacer is a beautiful, welcoming community, surrounded by the stunning beaches of Puerto Plata, and will provide you with the opportunity to experience autentic culture, real people, and the local communities of the Dominican Republic.

Your Experience

Live and work directly with the community of Nuevo Renacer to experience life in its most raw and real form. Be inspired by the grassroots development initiatives, the spirit of the people, and experience the culture as lived by the community itself. Dance to Reggae, merengue and Bachata on every street corner, learn to cook authentic Dominican cuisine enjoy authentic Dominican meals every day. Ride a cable-car to the mountain peak overlooking Puerto Plata, horseback ride into a beachside sunset, and enjoy a day at secluded ocean-beach on a pristine, hidden beach, on the outskirts of Puerto Plata.

Your project experience will be nothing short of remarkable. In less than one week, you and your group will tear down a decrepit house, and work with local contractors and support staff to build a brand new home for a very deserving family. The ribbon-cutting ceremony is an emotional, uplifting experience that will leave you inspired, sending you home with a lifetime of memories, and lasting friendships.

Your Impact

The NWC worked with Nuevo Renacer in 2013 to convert an existing structure into a guesthouse. This guesthouse will be your home for the duration of your trip, which means that simply travelling to Nuevo Renacer is making a difference. The daily guesthouse rate goes directly to development initiatives in the community, and by living and working directly in Nuevo Renacer, you are providing economic development and employment to local farmers, cooks, transportation providers, community support staff, local shop owners and family-run businesses. Every time you travel to the Community of Nuevo Renacer, you provide employment to an in-country Community Ambassador who resides in the community. Your sunset horseback ride on the beach is provided by a local, physically challenged gentleman who benefits greatly from your support.

You and your group will work hand in hand with the community to build a home for a family in need. You will employ a local contractor and support staff who will work with you until the completion of the project, and all materials are sourced locally to support local businesses. On the last day of your project, you will hand your partner family the keys to a new home that is free of these challenges, leaving a lasting impact for the family and the community.

Sample Itinerary
Day 1
  • Arrive in the community of Nuevo Renacer
  • Get settled into the community homestay and meet the community
  • Tour the community, learn about the challenges facing families in Nuevo Renacer, and how your decision to travel with The NWC is supporting the community in their quest to solve their challenges
Days 2 – 6
  • Work on community development initiatives and projects, based on the needs of the community at the time of your trip
  • For those groups who raised over $5,000 to support the community, meet the family who will benefit from the project, and tear down the old house
  • Support local contractors and community members while taking part in the building and/or the projects
  • Eat authentic Dominican cuisine, cooked by the “famous Maria” every day
  • Horseback riding on the beach
  • Visit the scenic and historical Fort San Felipe “Malecon” boardwalk
Day 7
  • Put the finishing touches on the community development project
  • Spend the afternoon and evening at Blue JackTar beach
Day 8
  • Experience the emotional project ribbon cutting ceremony, and celebrate the development projects with the community of Nuevo Renacer
  • Enjoy your last meal in the community
  • Depart for the airport
Your Next Step

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