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Explore remote, South American environmental and wildlife diversity while supporting local education and conservation programs.

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Your Destination

Travel through the great Amazon rainforest to explore one of the western hemisphere’s most overlooked eco-cultural destinations: the Rupununi Savannahs in southern Guyana.

Your Experience

Travel through the great Amazon rainforest to explore one of the western hemisphere’s most overlooked eco-cultural destinations: the Rupununi Savannahs in southern Guyana. Travel overland in search of giant anteaters and drift down the rivers in search of giant otters, brilliant bird diversity and monkeys! You will participate in the ongoing local Black Caiman and turtle projects, and experience the local Macushi people’s way of life, agricultural practices, and food production while directly supporting local conservation and education initiatives. You will stay in an innovative, comfortable, cottage-like social enterprise, eat like a local, and experience an eco-impact adventure you will never forget!

About the Rupununi Savannahs: This unique South American destination is where, in high-water years, the Amazon, Essequibo, and their tributaries overflow and mix, resulting in the the floodplain of the Rupununi River. This geographic nexus has given rise to one the most diverse fish habitats on earth. Guyana is sometimes called a “land of giants:” the largest alligators, ants, anteaters, armadillos, eagles, otters, rodents, constricting snakes, and spiders in the world all make the Rupununi their home.

Your Impact

Make a difference in Guyana,just by travelling! You will stay at a local, grassroots social enterprise dedicated to a holistic approach to environmental conservation, encompassing wildlife research, education, economic development and cultural preservation. You will directly provide employment opportunities for community members both within the community and in the surrounding regions, and connect directly with local entrepreneurs who will facilitate your unforgettable transportation and adventure-based experiences. Support local farmers, family-run businesses, cooks, local shop owners and community support staff, and provide employment for our The NWC’s Community Ambassadors who will facilitate your experience from beginning to end. Our partner community uses profits from your accommodations for sustainable development initiatives that support the community.

You have will have the opportunity to participate in environmental and wildlife conservation activities, where you will make a tangible difference, while having the experience of a lifetime!

Sample Itinerary

Day 1

  • Arrive in Guyana and meet your local Community Ambassador who will provide you with 24/7 support for the duration of your adventure
  • Tour Georgetown, the capital city of Guyana, and spend the night in the city

Day 2

  • Continue exploring the country’s unique capital, led by your Community Ambassador
  • Catch the bus overnight and into the next day to Yupukari, for a remarkable Amazon rainforest land-based travel experience

Day 3

  • Arrive in southern Guyana’s Rupununi savannahs and settle into your accommodations at Caiman House
  • Discover your host city with a tour of the village and grounds followed by a relaxing drift down the river
  • Enjoy a welcome dinner of authentic Guyanese cuisine at Caiman House

Day 4

  • Watch the sunrise over the river on an early morning canoe paddle
  • Share in the local educational initiatives at the community’s public library
  • Explore the savannahs and see how much wildlife you can spot from the wide offering of unique birds, reptiles, and mammals

Day 5

  • Participate in wildlife and environmental conservation initiatives – Black Caiman and river turtle monitoring
  • Cruise down the Rupununi river and experience the catch, tag and release program for Black Caiman alligators – an experience you will never forget!
  • Learn more about Caiman House’s projects dedicated to wildlife, education, economic development, and cultural preservation

Day 6

  • Travel by river to the famous Karanambu Lodge in search of river otters
  • Spend the afternoon learning about the agricultural, medicinal, and food production practices of the local Macushi people
  • Enjoy an evening under the stars with a campfire with the Caiman House

Day 7

  • Explore the savannahs in the early morning for the elusive and marvellous giant anteater
  • Spend your afternoon discovering any useen elements of Yupukari or relaxing amongst the vibrant wildlife
  • Join the lively forro dance party to celebrate your final night at Caiman House and in the community

Day 8

  • Experience the world’s highest single drop waterfall, Kaieteur, in the famous National Park (optional)
  • Travel by charter flight to Georgetown to depart Guyana
What is Included?

Trip prices include round trip airfare (in most cases – check individual trip details for confirmation); a dedicated in-country Community Ambassador for 24/7 support; all meals, accommodations, in-country transportation, and cultural activities; basic travel and out-of-province health insurance; and all taxes, fees, and service charges.

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