Announcing our new Community Ambassadors

Aug 17, 2014
From left: Front Name, Name, Name, Back Steven, Blah, Blah,  Missing Blop Bleep
From left– FRONT: Maria Oliver (Waterloo), Jordann Laskowski (Campus Coordinator), Danielle Watson (Mohawk), Sarah Wardrope (Logistical Operations Coordinator), Samantha Johns (Waterloo), Ali Herron (Trent), Sarah Laidlaw (Waterloo), Chrissy McEwan (Laurier), Shikara Howes (Lambton), Danielle Kontopoulos (Waterloo), BACK: Steven Moran (Vice President), Belinda Asare (McMaster), Ryan McCord (Vice President), Melanie Barahona (Co-Director), Janice Chan (Product Logistics & Acquisition), Jay Mahoney (President), Michelle Ogrodnik (McMaster), Peter Fettes (UofT), Matthew Yang (Waterloo) MISSING: Kristina Bartold (Waterloo), Becky Morrison (Guelph U), Jess Salameh (Western), Carly Williams (Western), Erin Riddell (Trent), Mikayla MacDonald (Waterloo), John Zimmerman (Mohawk), Rebecca Cornale (Queen’s), Karine Landry (Ottawa U), Sherin Jacob (McMaster), Emily Hanaka (Dalhousie), Taylor Kretz (Laurier)

We’re very excited to announce our new Community Ambassador team!

After an extensive search, we are very happy to announce we’ve hired a great team of Community Ambassadors for the 14/15 C.L.O.U.D. season.

Earlier this month, The NWC had a chance to get together at a retreat and really get to know one another (our Community Ambassadors are from all over)–seeing everyone get along so well together and having such a fun weekend was a rewarding affirmation of our hiring choices.

We’re really excited to have them here to help you to experience C.L.O.U.D. projects and our C.L.O.U.D. on Campus programs this year.

A big official welcome (and welcome back) to our Community Ambassador team!

Ryan McCord
VP, C.L.O.U.D. projects