Announcing exciting changes to our CLOUD program

Oct 10, 2015

Community members,

There is lots of excitement at The NWC these days as we enter into our 5th year and, as I look back, I’m incredibly proud of our accomplishments to date in bringing people together for a common goal: the good of others.

I know we’re accomplishing our objectives when I receive feedback from our CLOUD project participants letting me know how the experience has changed their perception of what is important in life and how inspired they are to continue to make a difference.

Even more important, perhaps, is the humbling response from our partner communities, as they consistently tell us how thankful and grateful they are to be working with us. “There is something different about the groups who come to our community with The NWC,” they tell us. It makes me proud to see the tremendous impact that our participants are having on these developing communities.

Through our staple program, CLOUD projects, we have learnt that people love to travel; love to make a difference; and love to have raw, grassroots, real experiences. We have also learnt that there’s a growing number of people who seek responsible tourism opportunities. While the CLOUD projects model for cooperative community development is both tremendously impactful and sustainable, there is a also an opportunity for broader community development for The NWC by harnessing the power of responsible tourism.

Today, I am proud to announce a new way for you to make a difference and a new way to have an unforgettable adventure, the next evolution of our CLOUD program, CLOUD connections.


CLOUD connections represents responsible tourism at its finest. Each CLOUD connection is built from the community level up and designed to provide you with a raw, unique, and impactful adventure, providing you with an avenue to see and experience things that aren’t part of a on a regular all-inclusive vacation.

Staying true to our mission at The NWC, to make a positive impact in developing communities while providing an unforgettable adventure, each and every CLOUD connection has been built with community development at its core. Simply making the decision to take part in a CLOUD connection experience is making a difference.

COUD connections provides you with the opportunity to have a truly unique travel experience while touring the previously unknown regions of The Dominican Republic, and Haiti, and connect with families and communities to make a difference along the way.

Thank you for all your support over the past few years – without you we would not have been able to have such a profound impact in our partner communities. We hope that you will continue to be active members of the community, as our CLOUD programs continue to grow, providing you with unparalleled experiences, while making a difference in the lives of the people who need it the most.

President, The NWC

CLOUD connections