Port-Au-Prince, Haiti & English in Mind

Teach English, support local orphanages and explore the hidden gem of the Caribbean.

The NWC on Campus: We get it. You want to travel with incredible humans and have the experience of a lifetime, but you also want to make a difference. Now you can do both…at the same time.

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Your Destination

Haiti is the third largest country in the Caribbean, located on the western part of the island of Hispaniola, shares a 360 km (224 mi) border with the Dominican Republic, and has been coined the “pearl of the Caribbean” for its pristine beaches and stunning rural, mountainous regions. Although Haiti is known to many as the epicentre of the 2010 earthquake that left over 300,000 dead and over 1.5 million homeless, this stereotype can prevent Haiti from receiving the real recognition it deserves. While not commonly known as a tourism destination, impact-travel in Haiti has been a major source of economic development and has provided travellers with an authentic travel experience: real people and communities, genuine and deep-rooted culture, true Haitian cuisine, innovative entrepreneurship, and a glimpse of everything the country has to offer. The bustling epicentre and capital, Port-Au-Prince, is overlooked by a more remote, rural mountain region, giving you the opportunity to see and experience Haiti is its rawest form. Whether you’re teaching at our partner school, English in Mind, volunteering our partner SMDT orphanage, cruising the streets of Port-Au-Prince, relaxing in the hammocks at Haiti Communitere, or having breakfast after a night at an eco-treehouse hotel, you will quickly realize that THIS is Haiti.

Your Experience

Be prepared to forget everything you think you know about Haiti, and get ready to experience the true hidden gem of the Caribbean. Be inspired through your group and 1:1 teaching interactions with English students in a fun and interactive environment, and learn about life and challenges in Haiti’s orphanages in the aftermath of the 2010 earthquake, and take part in meaningful and impactful volunteer work based on the needs at the time of your trip. Stay at Haiti Communitere, a disaster-relief landing pad that’s been transformed into a truly sustainable eco-hotel, take part in Communitere’s “Innovation Thinking Workshops”, and experience the rural mountain region of Port-Au-Prince with an overnight stay at Rustik treehouse, a sustainable eco-treehouse in the rural mountains surrounding Port-Au-Prince. Take an afternoon hike through the mountains and spend time at a hidden river and waterfall, and support local artisans and entrepreneurs by shopping at some of Haiti’s most innovative and philanthropic grassroots initiatives. We promise - you will leave Haiti inspired and fulfilled, with a lifetime of memories. THIS is Haiti, and it must be experienced to be believed.

Your Impact

Every aspect of your trip to Haiti is built from the grassroots, community level up, so that every step you take is a positive impact. Food is purchased from local vendors and businesses to support local economic growth and employment, and local cooks are provided with employment opportunities to prepare food for you and your group. Your accommodations at Haiti Communitere provides funding for local initiatives and future sustainable tourism development projects, by staying at Rustik Eco-Treehouse you are supporting a family run business in the rural mountain region, and you have the opportunity purchase hand-made local products from artisans and entrepreneurs at Rebuild Globally and the Apparent Project. Your daily English lessons and 1:1 test and exam preparation sessions at by Haitians, for Haitans English In Mind Institute contribute to the educational success of students at varying levels, which directly increases the probability of employment for English In Mind graduates. While regular classroom lessons are very beneficial for the students, they are always eager to show up early and stay late after class for conversational practice with English speaking impact-travellers to practice and refine their skills. The NWC’s in-country Community Ambassadors are graduates from English In Mind, and every time you travel you are providing employment to our team of graduates. Our unique partnership with SMDT orphanage ensures every group leaves a lasting impact. The day to day needs can change drastically, and so your work at the orphanage will directly support their most pressing needs at the time of your trip, whether that may be washing clothes, repairing the playground, or providing solar electricity solutions. Responsible, impact-travel is contributing to ongoing economic development and employment initiatives in the country. Being a part of it is an experience that will last a lifetime.

Sample Itinerary

Day 1
  • Arrive in Port au Prince and be met at the airport by our in country Community Ambassador team
  • Check into and get a tour of Haiti Communitere and choose your favorite room
  • Enjoy pizza dinner with your team at Pizza Amour
Day 2
  • Divide into groups and prepare for your first EIM classes in the afternoon
  • Teach first EIM classes and meet your students for the week
  • Visit SMDT orphanage, learn about the challenges facing orphaned children in Haiti, and assist the volunteer workers based on the specific needs at the time of your visit
  • Return to Haiti Comunitere for dinner
  • Prepare for 2nd day of classes
  • Games, entertainment or relaxing for the night at Haiti Communitere
Day 3
  • Historical tour of Port au Prince
  • Second day of classes at EIM
  • Return to Haiti Communitere for any necessary prep work for 3rd day of classes
  • Special spaghetti dinner and fun at Tizami with a personal DJ!
  • Return to Haiti Communitere for the night
Day 4
  • Morning visit with local partners for tour of operations, and an opportunity to support local artisans at the Apparent Project and Rebuild Globally
  • Afternoon classes at EIM and a return to SMDT orphanage
  • Dinner at Haiti Comunitere
  • Spend an incredible evening at Observatoire, a restaurant-lounge that overlooks all Port au Prince
Day 5
  • Particpate in a community based project at Haiti Communitere and prepare for final EIM classes
  • Afternoon classes at EIM
  • Dinner at Haiti Communitere
  • Relaxing in the evening, group reflection, evening entertainment
Day 6
  • Finish community based project at Haiti Communitere
  • Attend final classes at EIM and the final volunteer-visit to SMDT orphanage
  • Early Dinner at Haiti Communitere
  • Travel to Rustik – an eco-friendly bed and breakfast/tree house in the mountains of Haiti, surrounding by breathtaking views and endless mountains.
  • Enjoy an evening filled with music, friends and culture and stay at Rustik eco-treehouse for the night
Day 7
  • Wake up in the mountains of Haiti and go for a waterfall eco-tour with local guides
  • Have a mountainside lunch with the team in the mountains lodge restaurant
  • Head back down to Haiti Communitere, and spend the afternoon relaxing at the pool
  • Join EIM students for your fun and exciting goodbye party at Haiti Communitere
Day 8
  • Say your final goodbyes and catch your flight back home

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What to expect

Travelling to a foreign country can be a bit intimidating. You might wonder things like, what will I be sleeping on? What type of food will I be eating? Do I need to bring any spending money? Is where I am travelling safe? Everyone goes through pre-trip jitters, and this document was created to help you prepare before embarking on your trip.

What to expect

Port-Au-Prince, Haiti & English in Mind

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