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Sustainable Travel for Impact • Community Development Projects

Dominican Republic, Haiti, Uganda, Kenya, Guyana

The NWC is a Canadian social enterprise that uses travel and tourism to make a difference. Connect directly with communities across the world for a real, raw, cultural experience. Be inspired and actually make a difference just by travelling.

Make a difference with:

A vacation isn’t all-inclusive if it doesn’t include making a difference in the places you visit. Divert your valuable tourism dollars (and yourself), directly into the hands of people and communities who need it the most.

In a nutshell: Fun, authentic travel experience built from the community up, where travelling is a way of positively impacting communities.

    • For: Responsible Tourists

    • Every trip is built from the grassroots level up and in collaboration with our partner communities, so you know that travelling itself is making a difference. The result is a real, raw, cultural experience that leaves you inspired, and actually contributes to employment and development in communities across the globe.
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Join our community network to learn more about tourism for development, explore our travel programs, see photos and stories from past programs, connect with Community Ambassadors and meet new friends.

In a nutshell: Join the community of like-minded people with the drive to make a difference in the world.

    • For: Everyone

      • A big part of making a difference is spreading knowledge about responsible travel and community development projects – even if you have yet to join The NWC on an adventure, become a part of the community of individuals who want to make a difference from the community level, up!
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